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Have you ever found yourself feeling slow, groggy, and a bit broken down from all the back-to-back meetings and piled on projects throughout the workday? Because I have. Right before writing this at 3:16pm in what I like to call an average (but very busy) workday, I made sure to get up and go for a walk outside to collect fresh air and hit the ‘reset button.’ I had a quick snack, grabbed my hat, tied my shoes and off I went! When I got back, I had the right mindset to focus and felt much more productive.

It’s no secret! Taking walks within short breaks of the workday is good for your mind. Research shows that these walking breaks can boost engagement and productivity at work (plus a little shot of vitamin D always helps too). In fact, there are several physical and psychological benefits to short walks.


So, come on now, get up and get moving! Engage in activities that allow your mind to wander. Place yourself in a spot where you need to get up to refill your water, choose the stairs instead of the elevator (if applicable), and try to find little ways to get yourself more active when stuck in the same spot (for way too long). Do you ever have five minutes between your back-to-back meetings? Take advantage of this time and grab some of that fresh outdoor air. Take the (much-needed) breaks in your day before the day breaks you.


By Steffan Roy

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