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Image by Jakob Owens

I’m normally a pretty even-keeled person. But if there’s one word that sums up my pandemic mood, it’s unpredictable. I might feel unsettled one day and calmly optimistic the next, even if every day looks exactly the same. 


The best way to manage that uncertainty has been to take an “all of the above” approach. I run at least twice a week. I take walks, sometimes multiple times a day. I try to meditate every evening before bed (emphasis on try). And then there are the guilty pleasures—eating ice cream, scrolling on TikTok, and binge watching feel-good shows like Gilmore Girls for that perfect mix of escapism and vicarious human connection. 


With every day feeling so different, building up a diverse arsenal has been key. Sometimes, I find going for a long run is all it takes to clear my head. Other times, I’ll hit the end of my usual 5K loop feeling exactly the same as before—which is a sign it’s time to try something else. 


The trick, then, isn’t just having multiple tools. It’s also knowing what to use and when. 


By Cyril Kowaliski

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