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As a division of major auto retailer OpenRoad Auto Group, ClearCar was envisioned as a way to make used-vehicle buying easier and more straightforward for consumers, providing trust and peace-of-mind in an often difficult to navigate car buying landscape.

With the infrastructure and inventory already in place for this new venture, the OpenRoad team approached us needing to build the brand from the ground up, taking it from initial concept through to market.


Brand Strategy, Employee Brand Training, Visual Identity, Logo, Go-To-Market Strategy, Website UI/UX, Ad Creative


Online Used Vehicle Dealership




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Brand Blueprint

Our brand clarity journey started by bringing the senior leadership team together to align around ClearCar's core brand DNA. Through collaborative workshops, market research, and stakeholder insights, we distilled key findings into a comprehensive Brand Blueprint.

Employee Brand Training Book

To support implementation of the new brand, we created an Employee Brand Training Book which serves as the single source of truth for all aspects of the brand. ClearCar employees use this tool as a reference back to the brand.


Visual Identity & Logo

In partnership with Carter Hales Design Lab, we architected a visual identity and logo for ClearCar that grew out out of the foundational work of our brand blueprint, reflecting the character of the brand and feeling ownable for the entire team.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Equipped with our Brand Blueprint and Visual identity, we developed a comprehensive go-to-market plan which included ecommerce, ad channels and social media.

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Website UI/UX

Bringing the brand to life online was an important part of our go-to-market strategy, which included designing the website UI/UX, providing monthly analytics reporting and overseeing marketing execution across channels.


We are proud to work hand-in-hand with the ClearCar team on a daily basis, overseeing delivery of the brand across key touchpoints. We work with various thrid-party vendors to ensure that the ClearCar brand is woven effectively through their various channels and touchpoints.

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