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Community Impact


Event Management, Production, Influencer and Media Relations, Social Strategy, Branding




We orchestrated a highly successful public event, drawing in over 400 attendees, a diverse crowd including general admission, kids, and media participants.

We drove significant sales of beers, wines, and other various beverages, as well as branded hats, shirts, and tote bags, creating an engaging and memorable event experience.

We d


- Raised public perception of BC’s Dungeness
crab fishery and sustainability practices.

- Educated the public on Dungeness crab
availability and increased domestic demand.

- Evolved the sense of community that is created at False Creek, and the various business partners that fishers support.


Crab Fest excelled due to its lively atmosphere, community-friendly picnic tables, delicious food, and invaluable support from the Harbour.
The efficient team, coupled with insightful education from community partners on fishers and ocean health, all contributed to the event's success. Our strategic choices, such as opting for a DJ and securing a strong media presence, paid off.

Looking ahead, we aspire to enhance guest experience with two ticket times, scale to 750 attendees in 2024 and 1,000 in 2025, involve more community partners for beverages and education, streamline the chef team, and boost awareness and revenue for key associations.
We d

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