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Image by Jessica Lewis

During the week, I religiously block out my calendar to ensure I not only have enough time to manage the multiple projects I have on the go at work, but also to create space for things like making lunch, getting outside, intentionally NOT staring at my computer, or anything else that I know is important, but also easy to forget about. I used to think that scheduling an event called “Go for a walk” or “Stretch for 10 minutes” or “Read a book” would make me feel like my days were busier than they actually were, but in fact I’ve found it to be the opposite. When I know I’ve blocked time for specific work projects in my calendar, I feel confident that I’ll have the chance to get it done. For example, if I get out of a meeting and have an action item to tackle, I'll immediately block time in my calendar to get it done. By blocking time for self-care, I feel confident that I’ll have the energy and mindset I need to continue doing my best work. (And remember to eat lunch).


By Erika Stark

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