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Being someone that is so socially motivated, I found the first part of lockdown to be quite a difficult adjustment. My mental health is also significantly affected when I don’t do something active. I found that the best things for me during quarantine were virtual group workouts and now that we’re able to do workout classes and do activities outside, I’m back to prioritizing fitness, and I’ve seen a major impact in my work output and efficiency. 
I know I always feel better when I workout; however sometimes it’s tempting to finish off that email or get started on that next project and procrastinate the important task of taking a break for mental reset and clarity. My friends and I started a workout text group where send photos when we’ve completed an activity, with the aim to complete something every day. This got me going and I committed to a program or running, Lagree and tennis.  
Running and Lagree for me is meditation and creative problem solving. It’s amazing the out of the box ideas that surface for me during these workouts. Tennis has been a great tool for challenging my brain and helping me to learn patience and to be prepared for whatever comes by way.  
The key for me is to find activities that balance the need to both nourish myself and push me to a new level.


By Kirsten Southcott

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