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Becoming Redshift Collective

For the past seven years we’ve been Southcott Strategy. In that time, we’ve worked with over 80 clients, across Canada & the US, helping them understand and articulate what makes them different. We deliver a sharp focus and disruptive mindset to help drive our clients’ growth.

Our journey has led us to exciting new partnerships, with universities and leaders in digital technology, creative, AI and AR/VR. Our San Francisco client work has connected us with bold thinkers and change makers, helping us see new opportunities for of our clients as the world shifts.

All of this has inspired us to think more boldly about ourselves. That’s why we’re becoming Redshift Collective.

REDSHIFT is about seeing an expanded universe. That’s what we do for our clients; we help them shift perspective and see new possibilities. And COLLECTIVE, speaks to our broader team – of designers, writers, directors, media, and digital partners.

We feel lucky to have collaborated with so many incredibly talented clients and partners through the last seven years. We are excited for this next chapter and celebrating client successes, together.

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